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Daniel Olawuyi

and my mission is to show you how systems and funnels can make your business super easy and fun 

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Awareness & Reach

Set up systems to help increase your brand's awareness. With the revolution of the internet and the coming bloom of online businesses, the numbers game is one of the factors that will set up your business for success. The more people you can reach the more revenue your business will generate. Simple as that

Interest and Decision

Set up automated systems available to educate your audience about their problems and how you can resolve their concerns.

Let's Convert to Customers

Avoid the extra cost of employing multiple customer Rep and sales agents to convert your audience to customers

Loyal Customers Retention System

Setup automated systems guaranteed to keep your customers coming for more of what you offer.

Transform your Business into an Income Generating Hobby

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New to Funnels and Systems?

Here is my FREE basic guide to enlighten you on funnels and systems.

I have designed it to guide you so you are certain that your business actually needs a funnel or systems.


-- I believe the worst investment is one you do not use or one that is not useful to your business at that stage.

What my Friends have to say

My clients and I are friends

Taking my time to understand each clients business model, industry and needs always gains me a friendship in a client. 

Dr. Tim Jackson Founder:

I’m writing to recommend Mr Daniel Olawuyi for any projects related to your business, especially tasks involving WordPress, Funnel building, SEO, and/or social media. I’ve recommended him to a couple of physician colleagues already. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions.​